Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looking for GOOD Web hosting Solution? IPSERVERONE can do it !

No time to manage your own web server? Getting tired to patch or fight with hacker that tries to damage your website? So what should I do? The solution is IPSERVERONE a Malaysia base web hosting solution.

Established since 2003, IPSERVERONE specializes in web hosting solution including e-mail, databases, application driven websites, corporate sites or even large multi user forums. IPSERVERONE goal is to help clients to accomplish whatever they need online, with Scale, Speed and Reliable support. With innovative offerings, competitive packages and unbeatable support, IPSERVERONE lead the industry in delivering complete business-class solutions.

The IPSERVERONE service has been use by many companies. For example Suzuki Motor Corporation, the MCA ICT Resource Center (MIRC), AsiaXpress, U Mobile and the Malaysia biggest and highest traffic technology forum, Lowyat.net. So for examples we know how good the IPSERVERONE can serve the better service in web hosting solution.

IPSERVERONE provides several categories of services. One of the services is server co-location services. The service provides you a cost-effective solution to place your server on the backbone of the internet. The Malaysia co-location server will be physically located at Malaysia Data Centers and they offer flexible packages that taylor to your requirements. You also take advantage of the industry's most advanced power, security, network and fire suppression technologies. Server co-location service offers a reliable infrastructure, fast connectivity and 24/7 network monitoring.

By having a server co-location services will help you from worrying about taking care of your servers and it will prevents from hackers attacking the server because it is much secure. Also if the target viewer of website from Malaysia, the Malaysia co-location server make the accessible to website more faster compare the website that host in oversea. Moreover, if you feel doubt on certain packages, you can actually have a Live Chat with them. See, good customer service, right?

Last but not least, the payment method makes the user happy to use IPSERVERONE service especially Malaysian. The use of Ringgit and the payment via Maybank make the user easy to make payment compare to PayPal or International based payment method.

So don’t wasting time to try others unknown web hosting solution. Trust IPSERVERONE as much company did in hosting their website.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Money From Sweet Dream ?!

Hello all blogger;

As we know if we spend time in front of computer make we lost our money. So to make profit from Internet so we need to know how to turn from "zero to hero".

The steps can be like that:

1. So first, you need to to write blog,I suggest Blogger because it allow you to edit the HTML and better widget supports.

2. Second, write the blog in supporting language; I suggest English because more opportunity or reader from all country to understand it. Write at least five (5) articles that use base on the supporting language before try to make money.

3. After made minimum five (5) articles, now apply the advertisement to advertise to your blog; I use Google AdSense. Go to Google AdSense page then "Sign up now" to create the Google AdSense account. After that, you will need to full fill the information including your blog URL,full name,address,etc and make sure read carefully before click submit information button.

4. After you full fill the information, you will been ask by AdSense if you want to use current Google account for log in AdSense account or create the new Google mail account for use for Google AdSense. The choice is yours.

5. After all done in making AdSense account, the notification message will be sent to your selective Google account. (Check the Gmail that use sign up for Google AdSense).

6. After your account been approve, so log in to Google AdSense to start making money. Follow the instruction or if need assistance, just read the help articles that provide by Google AdSense Help.

7. After that, just go to your blog and add the AdSense widget to start making profit. Or if you have knowledge in HTML, you can add where ever you want in your blog. (Warning !!! Don't click on your own advertisement if not your Google AdSense will be suspended.)

Also you can try others advertisement program to make maximum profit.

1. AdBrite (World wide)

2. NuffNang (Malaysia,Singapore and Philippines Only if use others South East Asia Ads this will not working well. Just choose one NuffNang or Advertlets.)

3. Advertlets (Malaysia and Singapore Only)

4. Flixya (Integrate with Google AdSense, to gain more traffic to your blog)

5. BidVertiser ( World Wide but more easy if have Pay Pal account)

6. Youthsays (Malaysia Only and use Youthsays Broadcast Badge to make profit daily)

7. RegNow Affiliate program (Sales software online,to join click here)

To make success of your blog make sure to use the language that contain high pay keyword or you can use SEOENG tools.

Also don't forget to promote your blog in forum or advertisement website to make your blog get listed in search engine list then get top in search engine keyword.

This steps just for beginner only if you want to make more money you need to master in the SEO,and others tools to optimized the profit to your blog or website.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enemy is Yourself ?!

Hello all blogger,

As we know the computer, pda, handset and all type of storage device very useful for our life. But if accidentally the item that we trust to store our privacy, job or anything important been stolen or damaged so what you can do?

The reason i write this because to tell every one to know the uncertainty of anything might happen. So the following step must perform to avoid licking of your important data,privacy or everything your care most.

1. Don't store anything private for example private picture,video in your gadgets.
2. If still want to store it make sure encrypt it for security features.
3.Set the password to computer or handset to avoid unauthorized person to try to steal your information.
4.Make copy of data to cds, dvds and store in safe place. This step very important if the gadget broken of been stolen.
5.Delete or secure delete(Shift+ Delete) the important thing before send computer to others person for any purpose. This step is to secure the privacy or the originality or your data from been duplicated.
6.If sent to fren to fix the computer make sure they do it in front of you to avoid of stolen data or the install of backdoor program for example sub7 to your computer.(Sub7 is one of the backdoor program that use to receive information of victim computer over network)
7.After receive computer from maintainability check the open port of your computers. The tools can be use is port scan advance.
8. If your worried about your computer security you might need to scan for viruses. But make sure your virus definition up-to-date.
9.Uninstalled the suffices program that might been install automatically from internet or by friend. Or also can use hijackthis program.(to use the hijackthis please refer the previous articles)
10.If your hardisk comes error better try to fix it by your self first. But you need to know how.

Fix hardisk steps:

1.To do so first you need the enough free space to make this task done. Example if the hardisk is 40GB so at least 20 GB free space needed for this task
2.After that you need to go to command prompt. Start>Run>Cmd

After that the command prompt will be appear.

Then type the chkdsk /? after :\>
Then the page should like this

Read the instruction carefully . For beginner just use chkdsk /f or /r .Wait the drive to been checked. If the error came out that tell can fix so use the spinrite tools to fix it. This tools is shareware and need to purchased. This tools can only fix error form sector but not for physical damaged. To change to others drive just type : [Enter]

So after do all the information you now know the importance of IT basic to protect our privacy.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virus Protection tools ?!!!!

Hello all blogger,
Have problem with computer? Slow in running application and high in memory usage.???

May be your computer effected by viruses or malware. So to fix it u need tools call,hijackthis,emergency_fix,autorun eater,ravmon remover,and also flash remover.

All the link below:

2.Autorun Eater 2.2.
3.Ravmon Remover.
4.Flash killer.

The use for the program are:

1.HijackThis is the tools to find out the program that run in real time. So if any problem we can find out with log and delete the problem easily. But want to remember that if you don't know how to delete it refer to person that know this program. For more infomation refer this article.

2.Autorun Eater 2.2 is the program that delete the autorun.inf program. This program delete the .inf program to protect from the code/instruction that contain in autorun.inf. But this program maybe not compatible with curtain anti virus program for example Avira,F-secure and more. For more info refer to this link.

3. Ravmon Remover tools is use to remove Ravmon. For more info read this.

4.Kill flash use to remove the virus in flash form.

5.Emergency_fix is the tools to fix the lost of folder setting,regedit,task manager and many more.


Before do anything to your computer. Please back up your computer. And to make program more efficient you need to disable system restore(Figure 1.1) before try to fix the use the tools that provide above.

Figure 1.1 System Restore Disable

After all that restart your computer and hit the F8 button after the computer start to reboot. So after that choose the safe mode. Then use the tools from the safe mode to fix it. Then restart your computer if all done..

Enjoy it,thanks...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Need YM but No Internet? So how?

Hello all,
As we know instant messenger is one of the program that really needed now.

So to install it usually we need to connect to Internet to download it by online.For user that not have internet connection so why to get it.So the solution is to install the offline installer of the program.

This example is Yahoo Messenger 9 Full version.So first you need to connect to Internet to download YM.Then just click here and the download will begin..

Thanks,Enjoy it.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't open page? You still can.

Always we want to surf to the curtain website the website been block by the network admin. So the solution we must used the proxy to by past the traffic to some where to access the web site that we want.

Warning!!!! Don't use for bad purpose.

Follow the step:

1. Must have IE install in you computer. IF not click and install here.
2. After have IE install the download this program call UltraSurf. Click download and download the latest version.
3. This program not need to install just click.
4. After the program run and success to connect to server it will pop up IE page. If now check your firewall if available and disable it.
5. The from the page pop up you now free to type the URL you want.

Thank,enjoy it...

No one online this night? No way. Know if they hiding from you...

Hey today I want to tell you how to see someone is online,offline,or invisible in Yahoo messenger.

There are two easy way to do it. First with free and second shareware(need purchased).

*So,first we go to free way.

1. Find the YM ID that you want to check if the person online invisible or offline.
2. Copy it then go to this page.
3. Put the YM ID there. The result will be appear in the short time depend of your internet connection.

The advantages of this way is free. But the disadvantages is this need to check one by one. So waste you time.

*The shareware way.

1. Fisrt you must have the program call buddycheck. It free for download but need to purchased for full service.
2. After install you need to add you account ID and also the password. After all these step have been done just click connect to see the person online or not. For first time you will need to import the list of your fren to check with the checker. Also when you add the new person also need to add it to the list.
3. If still not know how you can read this.

The advantages of the program is allow many ID can be check in short time. But the disadvantages you can't log in in same time because it will log out from check the list. To avoid this you need to have second account that have almost all the list in your primer account. To do so we need software call YmMulti. After the installation complete the software allow you to run YmMulti application in same time. So you can use second account to check with buddy checker and use primer account to chat with person.

Thank for read. And enjoy it....

Download Video online?

As usual we know that we like to own something but we don't now how to do it. So for example the Youtube video,we can easily download it but we need to follow the right step to do so.

Warning!!!!! Don't download unlicensed thing or copyright thing.

Follow this step carefully.

1. Download firefox browser
2. Find add on for firefox called downloadhelper.
3. Restart the firefox
4. After restart firefox you will see the moving of tree ball, this function only moving when the video can be download.
5. If you want to download, just click the moving icon then the one page will pop up.
6. Save the file name with *(you can name it what ever).flv(if flv) if not the files can't be recognized.
* if you still not know how to do it just click here for more info...
7. If you make mistake in step 6 don't panic. Just go to properties of the file that have been you download then at General Tab name it back *.flv

Thank you and enjoy it...

Layer 8? How stupid are we about it....

As the network person, or anyone that know about network they must learn about OSI layer. As we know OSI layer have 7 layer or level to make the network model operate properly. So the layer 8 is the layer that we call "Human Layer" because it just need to been trusted to get something without need to hack or crack as the hackers usually does.

As we all know internet is the place to find information. But now people more time front of IT gadget compare talk to person in the public or face to face. So the layer 8 is the stupid or naïf person that easily trust person virtually make the Layer 8 the bigger threat.


1. If use the instant messenger don't easy accept person to be in your friend list.

2. Don't easy trust person want to chat with you including person with same gender. From my research person more easy trust person with same gender to talk about their personal life or everything.

3. Don't give you contact easily for example bank account number or something that higher priority to you

4. If some one use example Yahoo Messenger and really push you to share picture or see you webcam. STOP and block it because they want to cheat you.

So from now don't easy been cheated. Now your bigger threat is our stupidly to trust someone over Internet.....

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