Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enemy is Yourself ?!

Hello all blogger,

As we know the computer, pda, handset and all type of storage device very useful for our life. But if accidentally the item that we trust to store our privacy, job or anything important been stolen or damaged so what you can do?

The reason i write this because to tell every one to know the uncertainty of anything might happen. So the following step must perform to avoid licking of your important data,privacy or everything your care most.

1. Don't store anything private for example private picture,video in your gadgets.
2. If still want to store it make sure encrypt it for security features.
3.Set the password to computer or handset to avoid unauthorized person to try to steal your information.
4.Make copy of data to cds, dvds and store in safe place. This step very important if the gadget broken of been stolen.
5.Delete or secure delete(Shift+ Delete) the important thing before send computer to others person for any purpose. This step is to secure the privacy or the originality or your data from been duplicated.
6.If sent to fren to fix the computer make sure they do it in front of you to avoid of stolen data or the install of backdoor program for example sub7 to your computer.(Sub7 is one of the backdoor program that use to receive information of victim computer over network)
7.After receive computer from maintainability check the open port of your computers. The tools can be use is port scan advance.
8. If your worried about your computer security you might need to scan for viruses. But make sure your virus definition up-to-date.
9.Uninstalled the suffices program that might been install automatically from internet or by friend. Or also can use hijackthis program.(to use the hijackthis please refer the previous articles)
10.If your hardisk comes error better try to fix it by your self first. But you need to know how.

Fix hardisk steps:

1.To do so first you need the enough free space to make this task done. Example if the hardisk is 40GB so at least 20 GB free space needed for this task
2.After that you need to go to command prompt. Start>Run>Cmd

After that the command prompt will be appear.

Then type the chkdsk /? after :\>
Then the page should like this

Read the instruction carefully . For beginner just use chkdsk /f or /r .Wait the drive to been checked. If the error came out that tell can fix so use the spinrite tools to fix it. This tools is shareware and need to purchased. This tools can only fix error form sector but not for physical damaged. To change to others drive just type : [Enter]

So after do all the information you now know the importance of IT basic to protect our privacy.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

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