Saturday, November 8, 2008

Money From Sweet Dream ?!

Hello all blogger;

As we know if we spend time in front of computer make we lost our money. So to make profit from Internet so we need to know how to turn from "zero to hero".

The steps can be like that:

1. So first, you need to to write blog,I suggest Blogger because it allow you to edit the HTML and better widget supports.

2. Second, write the blog in supporting language; I suggest English because more opportunity or reader from all country to understand it. Write at least five (5) articles that use base on the supporting language before try to make money.

3. After made minimum five (5) articles, now apply the advertisement to advertise to your blog; I use Google AdSense. Go to Google AdSense page then "Sign up now" to create the Google AdSense account. After that, you will need to full fill the information including your blog URL,full name,address,etc and make sure read carefully before click submit information button.

4. After you full fill the information, you will been ask by AdSense if you want to use current Google account for log in AdSense account or create the new Google mail account for use for Google AdSense. The choice is yours.

5. After all done in making AdSense account, the notification message will be sent to your selective Google account. (Check the Gmail that use sign up for Google AdSense).

6. After your account been approve, so log in to Google AdSense to start making money. Follow the instruction or if need assistance, just read the help articles that provide by Google AdSense Help.

7. After that, just go to your blog and add the AdSense widget to start making profit. Or if you have knowledge in HTML, you can add where ever you want in your blog. (Warning !!! Don't click on your own advertisement if not your Google AdSense will be suspended.)

Also you can try others advertisement program to make maximum profit.

1. AdBrite (World wide)

2. NuffNang (Malaysia,Singapore and Philippines Only if use others South East Asia Ads this will not working well. Just choose one NuffNang or Advertlets.)

3. Advertlets (Malaysia and Singapore Only)

4. Flixya (Integrate with Google AdSense, to gain more traffic to your blog)

5. BidVertiser ( World Wide but more easy if have Pay Pal account)

6. Youthsays (Malaysia Only and use Youthsays Broadcast Badge to make profit daily)

7. RegNow Affiliate program (Sales software online,to join click here)

To make success of your blog make sure to use the language that contain high pay keyword or you can use SEOENG tools.

Also don't forget to promote your blog in forum or advertisement website to make your blog get listed in search engine list then get top in search engine keyword.

This steps just for beginner only if you want to make more money you need to master in the SEO,and others tools to optimized the profit to your blog or website.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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