Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virus Protection tools ?!!!!

Hello all blogger,
Have problem with computer? Slow in running application and high in memory usage.???

May be your computer effected by viruses or malware. So to fix it u need tools call,hijackthis,emergency_fix,autorun eater,ravmon remover,and also flash remover.

All the link below:

2.Autorun Eater 2.2.
3.Ravmon Remover.
4.Flash killer.

The use for the program are:

1.HijackThis is the tools to find out the program that run in real time. So if any problem we can find out with log and delete the problem easily. But want to remember that if you don't know how to delete it refer to person that know this program. For more infomation refer this article.

2.Autorun Eater 2.2 is the program that delete the autorun.inf program. This program delete the .inf program to protect from the code/instruction that contain in autorun.inf. But this program maybe not compatible with curtain anti virus program for example Avira,F-secure and more. For more info refer to this link.

3. Ravmon Remover tools is use to remove Ravmon. For more info read this.

4.Kill flash use to remove the virus in flash form.

5.Emergency_fix is the tools to fix the lost of folder setting,regedit,task manager and many more.


Before do anything to your computer. Please back up your computer. And to make program more efficient you need to disable system restore(Figure 1.1) before try to fix the use the tools that provide above.

Figure 1.1 System Restore Disable

After all that restart your computer and hit the F8 button after the computer start to reboot. So after that choose the safe mode. Then use the tools from the safe mode to fix it. Then restart your computer if all done..

Enjoy it,thanks...

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