Friday, October 24, 2008

Need YM but No Internet? So how?

Hello all,
As we know instant messenger is one of the program that really needed now.

So to install it usually we need to connect to Internet to download it by online.For user that not have internet connection so why to get it.So the solution is to install the offline installer of the program.

This example is Yahoo Messenger 9 Full version.So first you need to connect to Internet to download YM.Then just click here and the download will begin..

Thanks,Enjoy it.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't open page? You still can.

Always we want to surf to the curtain website the website been block by the network admin. So the solution we must used the proxy to by past the traffic to some where to access the web site that we want.

Warning!!!! Don't use for bad purpose.

Follow the step:

1. Must have IE install in you computer. IF not click and install here.
2. After have IE install the download this program call UltraSurf. Click download and download the latest version.
3. This program not need to install just click.
4. After the program run and success to connect to server it will pop up IE page. If now check your firewall if available and disable it.
5. The from the page pop up you now free to type the URL you want.

Thank,enjoy it...

No one online this night? No way. Know if they hiding from you...

Hey today I want to tell you how to see someone is online,offline,or invisible in Yahoo messenger.

There are two easy way to do it. First with free and second shareware(need purchased).

*So,first we go to free way.

1. Find the YM ID that you want to check if the person online invisible or offline.
2. Copy it then go to this page.
3. Put the YM ID there. The result will be appear in the short time depend of your internet connection.

The advantages of this way is free. But the disadvantages is this need to check one by one. So waste you time.

*The shareware way.

1. Fisrt you must have the program call buddycheck. It free for download but need to purchased for full service.
2. After install you need to add you account ID and also the password. After all these step have been done just click connect to see the person online or not. For first time you will need to import the list of your fren to check with the checker. Also when you add the new person also need to add it to the list.
3. If still not know how you can read this.

The advantages of the program is allow many ID can be check in short time. But the disadvantages you can't log in in same time because it will log out from check the list. To avoid this you need to have second account that have almost all the list in your primer account. To do so we need software call YmMulti. After the installation complete the software allow you to run YmMulti application in same time. So you can use second account to check with buddy checker and use primer account to chat with person.

Thank for read. And enjoy it....

Download Video online?

As usual we know that we like to own something but we don't now how to do it. So for example the Youtube video,we can easily download it but we need to follow the right step to do so.

Warning!!!!! Don't download unlicensed thing or copyright thing.

Follow this step carefully.

1. Download firefox browser
2. Find add on for firefox called downloadhelper.
3. Restart the firefox
4. After restart firefox you will see the moving of tree ball, this function only moving when the video can be download.
5. If you want to download, just click the moving icon then the one page will pop up.
6. Save the file name with *(you can name it what ever).flv(if flv) if not the files can't be recognized.
* if you still not know how to do it just click here for more info...
7. If you make mistake in step 6 don't panic. Just go to properties of the file that have been you download then at General Tab name it back *.flv

Thank you and enjoy it...

Layer 8? How stupid are we about it....

As the network person, or anyone that know about network they must learn about OSI layer. As we know OSI layer have 7 layer or level to make the network model operate properly. So the layer 8 is the layer that we call "Human Layer" because it just need to been trusted to get something without need to hack or crack as the hackers usually does.

As we all know internet is the place to find information. But now people more time front of IT gadget compare talk to person in the public or face to face. So the layer 8 is the stupid or naïf person that easily trust person virtually make the Layer 8 the bigger threat.


1. If use the instant messenger don't easy accept person to be in your friend list.

2. Don't easy trust person want to chat with you including person with same gender. From my research person more easy trust person with same gender to talk about their personal life or everything.

3. Don't give you contact easily for example bank account number or something that higher priority to you

4. If some one use example Yahoo Messenger and really push you to share picture or see you webcam. STOP and block it because they want to cheat you.

So from now don't easy been cheated. Now your bigger threat is our stupidly to trust someone over Internet.....

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