Thursday, October 23, 2008

Download Video online?

As usual we know that we like to own something but we don't now how to do it. So for example the Youtube video,we can easily download it but we need to follow the right step to do so.

Warning!!!!! Don't download unlicensed thing or copyright thing.

Follow this step carefully.

1. Download firefox browser
2. Find add on for firefox called downloadhelper.
3. Restart the firefox
4. After restart firefox you will see the moving of tree ball, this function only moving when the video can be download.
5. If you want to download, just click the moving icon then the one page will pop up.
6. Save the file name with *(you can name it what ever).flv(if flv) if not the files can't be recognized.
* if you still not know how to do it just click here for more info...
7. If you make mistake in step 6 don't panic. Just go to properties of the file that have been you download then at General Tab name it back *.flv

Thank you and enjoy it...

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