Thursday, October 23, 2008

Layer 8? How stupid are we about it....

As the network person, or anyone that know about network they must learn about OSI layer. As we know OSI layer have 7 layer or level to make the network model operate properly. So the layer 8 is the layer that we call "Human Layer" because it just need to been trusted to get something without need to hack or crack as the hackers usually does.

As we all know internet is the place to find information. But now people more time front of IT gadget compare talk to person in the public or face to face. So the layer 8 is the stupid or naïf person that easily trust person virtually make the Layer 8 the bigger threat.


1. If use the instant messenger don't easy accept person to be in your friend list.

2. Don't easy trust person want to chat with you including person with same gender. From my research person more easy trust person with same gender to talk about their personal life or everything.

3. Don't give you contact easily for example bank account number or something that higher priority to you

4. If some one use example Yahoo Messenger and really push you to share picture or see you webcam. STOP and block it because they want to cheat you.

So from now don't easy been cheated. Now your bigger threat is our stupidly to trust someone over Internet.....

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