Thursday, October 23, 2008

No one online this night? No way. Know if they hiding from you...

Hey today I want to tell you how to see someone is online,offline,or invisible in Yahoo messenger.

There are two easy way to do it. First with free and second shareware(need purchased).

*So,first we go to free way.

1. Find the YM ID that you want to check if the person online invisible or offline.
2. Copy it then go to this page.
3. Put the YM ID there. The result will be appear in the short time depend of your internet connection.

The advantages of this way is free. But the disadvantages is this need to check one by one. So waste you time.

*The shareware way.

1. Fisrt you must have the program call buddycheck. It free for download but need to purchased for full service.
2. After install you need to add you account ID and also the password. After all these step have been done just click connect to see the person online or not. For first time you will need to import the list of your fren to check with the checker. Also when you add the new person also need to add it to the list.
3. If still not know how you can read this.

The advantages of the program is allow many ID can be check in short time. But the disadvantages you can't log in in same time because it will log out from check the list. To avoid this you need to have second account that have almost all the list in your primer account. To do so we need software call YmMulti. After the installation complete the software allow you to run YmMulti application in same time. So you can use second account to check with buddy checker and use primer account to chat with person.

Thank for read. And enjoy it....

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